MAFI News March 2017

MAFI News March 2017

Redesigned supporting strut

A new, redesigned version of MAFI´s telescopic strut support, product number 2230, is being shipped since mid-March.

The telescopic strut support is made to provide adjustable bracing to a pole. The support can be fitted as part of a new installation, or it can be retrofitted to an existing pole. All that is required are two structural attachment points within reach of the pole. The attachment points can be horizontal, vertical or anything in-between. The kit consists of a pair of telescopic struts with feet and a pole attachment bracket. The 2230-family comprises three lengths of a strut and two standard sizes of pole attachment-clamp available, to fit poles Ø76 mm or Ø114 mm. An optional pole attachment clamp, the 3396, can fit poles < Ø76mm.

Download the data sheet here (pdf): Data sheet for 2230, supporting strut





Fast and reliable deliveries in India

Samuel Enqvist, Sales and Marketing Director at MAFI, explains the benefits of MAFI´s solutions.

In mid-March, two large delegations from the systems manufacturers Ericsson and Nokia attended a fair at ESC India in Delhi.

ESK, MAFI’s distributor in India, especially the niche telecom offers its customers a wide range of site materials. For a long time, the ESC is a leading provider of unique customer solutions to both Nokia and Ericsson. MAFI’s solutions are an essential part of the products offered by ESK India.

– ESK India is a vital distributor for us in India, says Samuel Enqvist, Sales and Marketing Director of MAFI.
– With its broad product range and good logistics in the telecom market, they offer a superb service to its customers. Therefore, it feels very satisfying that ESK supplies MAFI’s products.

Since MAFI has outsourced the manufacturing of most of their products for the Indian market locally in the country, the company offers fast and reliable deliveries. At the fair, MAFI demonstrated a large part of MAFI´s smart and rational solutions for securing and assembling both antennas and radio units. Also a recently developed product was showed, a standalone “roof-top” solution. Fast, easy and cost efficient installation are some of the many advantages that this product offers.





”ESK India provides site in a box”


”The support we get from MAFI is fantastic,” says Sandeep Ohry, Director of Sales & Business Development at Elektroskandia India.

”Our business idea is to provide a ´Site in a box´ solution. We want to make our customers life very easy.” Sandeep Ohri is Director of Sales & Business Development at ESK India. In mid-February Ericsson and Nokia was invited to take a closer look at what ESK India had to offer, together with MAFI.

”I´d say our customers were really excited to see our capabilities, a product range that exceeded most expectations and our facilities that are state of the art in India,” Sandeep Ohri says. ”They also had the opportunity to meet our management, our technical and sourcing teams.”

Sandeep Ohri explains that a majority of customers haven´t actually seen most of the products they order. But at this event, they take a closer look and also have them demonstrated.

”And I think we´ve inspired them to buy products they maybe didn´t know that we provide.”
Since MAFI is one of ESK Indias partners, they also showed some of their solutions.
”The support we get from MAFI is fantastic,” Sandeep Ohri continues. ”They have localised our needs and helped us all the way to fulfil them. Their products are well received, and it´s a tremendous advantage for us that they keep building their product portfolio in India, including products that are manufactured locally.”
Next steps for ESK India is to enhance its product

”The support we get from MAFI is fantastic,” says Sandeep Ohry, Director of Sales & Business Development at Elektroskandia India.
portfolio and to expand the customer base, something
which Sandeep Ohri has high hopes of doing.”The Indian telecom market is huge. There are several rollouts coming soon, and we are in a strong position together with MAFI.


Samuel Woods Ericsson, (left) discussing with Andreas Persson at NATE.

MAFI strengthens its position in the Americas

”I am happy to say we have a growing customer base in the Americas,” says Andreas Persson, Key Account Manager at MAFI.

This was evident at the NATE Conference and Exhibit in Forth Worth, in Dallas which took place at the end of February and the 1st of March. ”NATE is the perfect opportunity for us to show how we can help the telecom providers in the Americas with fast and reliable solutions.”

During the conference, many interested visitors came by MAFI´s booth. ”I´d say it became evident for many of them that MAFI can offer something that helps cut both cost and roll out time,” Andreas Persson says.